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Food plays a huge part in the culture of this region. Friends and family gather together for a BBQ or a lavish dinner party. One thing we all have in common is that we all know that nothing beats the taste of home!There is nothing quite like a family owned business when it comes to service because our family knows what your family wants. Only the best!It’s our quality, our selection and our skilled team that sets us apart. If you’re after premium cuts of the finest meats, look no further than ALFARAH Butchery.

We guarantee quality, freshness and 100% satisfaction.Our Butchers will recommend the best cuts for you and your family. Whether you’re having friends over for a BBQ or hosting a large dinner party, we can help you impress your guests.


Our mission is to serve the highest quality of gourmet meats that can make a simple meal even more special and give you impeccable service that you can get only from us.

our vision

We aim to be the most renowned meat company in Abu Dhabi because of our unsurpassed quality and confident knowledge in our gourmet meats while also providing a hospitable service to all our clients.

our history

Since 1998, our family’s mission was passed down through generations and today, we are already considered as one of the leading meat company in Abu Dhabi with the best butchers and recipes that can complement the rich culture and cuisine of the Middle East.